Architectural building and engineering design expertise that strive to achieve minimal operational risk and impact to end client service uptime, whilst driving for reduced operational cost against industry best practices.

CDDC is a team of professionals that trully "enjoy" working complex solutions to develop and deliver industry leading Data Centre facilities across the globe. With strategic thinking coupling a technology understanding of the IT service business along with financial and legal experience gained in the succesfull implementation of multi-million Euro projects.

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Switch & Node site

This project in the Rotterdam area included the complete design and construction of a new 'Switch and Node' site to be housed in an existing building. This project was realised for one of America's biggest Telcom providers with clients in the financial and inssurance business. A 'Switch- and Node site' is the hart of every data infrastructure. These 'sites' make sure that data send is arranged that the message will be delivered to the right adress.

Our project began with an feasibility study on several buildings to get the best fit out for the new 'Switch and Node' site to the defined client specifications. We designed the complete infrastructure in the choosen building together with our own Architect. Also we looked after and arranged the building permits, the detail engineering, the building contract, the procurement of main equipment, construction Management, testing and handing over to the end client.